The Dutch language isn’t an easy language to learn, especially when difficult proverbs, sayings, expressions
and abbreviations are introduced. For example: “We will move mountains” during the course and
“roll up our sleeves” “to get the hang of” the language! 🙂

What will you learn?
– You will practice fluency and work on your pronunciation.
– Learn to recognise those typical Dutch words and sayings, and to even use them yourself.
– Conversational Dutch along with reading and writing.
– And plenty of more things …

During this course we will use the Dutch method for non-native speakers step 1, 2 or 3.
Depending on the level of basics.

We will work in 2 groups: A starter course and an advanced course. The class offers a wide variety and the different starting levels are taken into account.

During the course we will make use of the newspaper (Gezinsbode). Furthermore, we will have a quartet game and other games wherein fluency and pronunciation is practiced. After circa 30 classes of one and a half hours everybody will notice that Dutch isn’t as hard anymore and will even start to enjoy talking in Dutch!

Would you like more information?
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or call us at 050 7620883 (we can help you in Spanish, English and Dutch)